Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving was great! I got to see my son, whom I haven't seen since August! That was probably the one most important things I was looking forward to. I also got to spend quality time with my sister Andrea and her husband who graciously allowed us to stay with them. My parents were awesome and I love being around them too. I enjoyed almost every part of this holiday season!!! Every part but the one where I was sick in bed for almost all of Saturday.

I received an email from M&M today & from the agency last week. Things are moving along as planned with a few bumps in the road. This is just a busy time of year anyways. With all the holiday shopping and cooking, who has time to work out the details of a surrogacy?
I am in waiting mode at the moment. "Hurry up & wait" as I have said before. I am excited to get moving forward; however due to circumstances beyond my control I have to 'recross' some bridges I have already been over. No biggie, just time consumming. M&M are really close to making a big decision and they are in my prayers as I type this.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. I arrived at 3pm and was done at 5:10pm. What a long wait! I had my blood drawn too. After the check up, I went to the YMCA and got in a really good work out. So good, that my muscles are screaming at me today. lol Then I went home and started the hair-pulling, head-throbbing process of sorting all the donated items for the Free Christmas. Last year it took me 10 hours to sort. This year I have more than double the stuff... *hummm*

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