Thursday, October 16, 2008

Week 6 & 7

I seem to have missed an update about week six and now week seven is almost over. lol

I made some changes to the page, added a couple picture links to the side and connected this blog to myspage page. So I was being creative and now sticking to the update. lol

Week 6 was great and I have maintained that 175.5 weight. The week was comfortable and I was able to get in my ab workout and eat really good. I also had a meeting with Shirley (see pic link)on Sunday and that went well. I am excited to be traveling down this path and looking forward to making plenty of new friends!

Week 7 is wrapping up a little slow. I am overly tired this week and plan on keeping this weekend low key. I need some rejuv~time! Looks like I have lost 1/2 lbs this week... bummed about that, but hey! Chin up!

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