Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tonight's Agenda

Minus the rocks, water and rapids, that is what I plan on doing tonight. Tuesday has now become Yoga Night. That is a Tree Pose... I think. Although I have done yoga repeatedly in the past, the names of moves didn't stick with me. lol

Maybe I can talk my daughter into joining me at the class. I feel bad that I am going to go home, cook dinner and then leave. However I need this time for me... I need some time to de-stress. Yep that is right DE-stress.

I feel a little stressed lately. I want something(to help someone); however I feel like it is out of reach or maybe like it is out of my hands. Yet something within me says.... wait! I am not real good at waiting. I will wait a short while, then I am off to something else. I know what I want... how can I obtain it? By waiting? By praying? By talking? IDK!!! So I wait a little while... I pray a little while... I talk a little while. In hopes that my desires will come true, I wish for a little clarity in the matter.

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Michelle said...

Hey Shantay! Just added you to my blog roll so I can keep up with you! I'm sure you will keep TTing even though your membership is expiring!