Friday, October 10, 2008

Autumn = Change

Yesterday when I was driving home, I noticed something beautiful, something wondrous, something amazingly calming. I noticed the trees on my path were no longer green, they were now various shades of orange. Deep, vibrant and lushes colors swaying in the wind. All of this beauty was created by my Father! How wonderful to be able to call him MY Father, MY God! This scene brought tears to my eyes and strength to my arm as I raised my hand in praise to HIM. Thanking God who made all of this out of love. I was reminded during this worship time that during this period of change, we too can see beauty and colors in a different way within our life. We each go through periods of change and transformation, just like the trees. If we open our eyes and just accept that this is the way God has intended and intricately designed this moment to be, we will see the beauty. Let's not look at what is to come... Winter. Let's look at the beauty that is before us and enjoy the moment that is NOW, even if it means there are some changes occurring.

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