Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Plan

1st contest on is for the month of Sept. My goal is to lose 6 - 10 pounds this month. The second one is on TT board. This is a 12 week contest. Same as before. Both contests started on the 1st of September, so there is an over lap. My goal for the TT contest is to lose 20 -25 pounds. Good hard-working goals if I do say so myself.


Eat clean~ started the 3rd and after 1.5 days, I feel 100% better than before. No more indigestion and no more bloatiness. I will stick to whole foods mostly.

TT Exercise~ started the 3rd on the TT 2K3 Fat Loss workout. I have scheduled my so I get in 3 days of TT 2K3 and 2 days of interval biking. I will continue this plan for 4 weeks and at that point I will switch up my exercise and do a different plan. TBA

I was listening to a program on WFRN, a christian radio station, last month. He made a statement that has really got me thinking. I think I will make it a goal of mine. He said something to the effect that he doesnt try to exercise 3 days a week like his doctor told him was the healthiest way to live. He said, he exercises like he brushes his teeth: it is part of his "Daily Routine". I want to work towards that... I want being healthy to be part of my daily routine. Whether I am doing TT or just playing Volley Ball with my kids in the backyard. I want exercise to be a fun part of my daily routine. So the question arises.... How bad do I want it?

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