Saturday, September 6, 2008

My 1st week

This past weekend we were wrapping up our Youth Digg Camping trip. By Tuesday I was feeling really bloated with a ton of indigestion. I wasnt really good as far as eating went on Tuesday so it just compounded to the issue. My starting picture on the 1st was worse than expected... will compare at the end of the contests. Wednesday I was back on track though and by Thursday my 'issues' had disappeared. Tell me why I eat those foods if they cause my body so much pain? Is it the types of food or the quantity? Either way my belly feels alot slimmer now that I am eating 'clean' again. The scale has loved me too this week, rewarding me with progressive lower numbers. I did the TT 2K3 on Wednesday with Kris. Thursday and Friday I did the "bonus round" TT. Today we, the family, hoped on our bikes and rode to the next town for ice cream and back. We are talking 15 MILES! I opted for a small Strawberry Sundae totally just under 400 calories. The bike ride however burned almost 600 calories. So I came out on top today! The trail we ride use to be an old rail road. They have taken out the 'ties' and stuff and paved it. Plenty of trees and shade. Well that is my week. Got off to a rocky start however I finished good.

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