Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Birthday Eve...

I had Zumba last night! I was so tired after all the bike conditioning we have been doing, however I made it through the 1 hr session. My body is begging for rest, yet some how I keep pushing it for performance. I will rest on the weekend... or will I?

Thursday is my 35th birthday and I am really excited about that! My plan is to reward my body with some loving exercise and plenty of healthy foods... with a little bit of cake. woohoo! After all, you can't have a birthday with out CAKE. lol Or can you? Can you really turn another year older without the indulgence of a chocolate feast? I use the word feast lightly, btw. No feast or famine here... just a simple slice of a very special, hubby-made, cake! After... I work out and get my metabolisium soaring to high speed!

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