Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What is your monster? M2C Chapter 1 thoughts

[• If you could personify craving based on your experience of it, what form might it take? Would it be like the little orange monster or would it take a different shape? Describe what your craving looks like and how it behaves.]
Made to Crave Book

I thought for a moment after reading this and then responded with, "My orange monster would really be a famous super model with all the money in the world. It would be arrogant and taunting." As I shared with my daughter last night, she looked at me and said, "You need to get THIS straight!" (pointing to her head/mind) She is right and, being a senior in high school, headed in the right profession. Social Work. Good to know I will have someone in the family with a degree to tell me what is wrong. *smiles*

I agree with my daughter. If our head isn't on right, our body will never be able to conquer the object of concern. So let's get back to my issue.

Famous! Super Model! All the money in the world! hummm... Why? Why would that be the THING that I envision when I think of cravings. Not just food cravings, any craving. Well I am going to break it down! It is the opposite of ME.

Famous, because I do so much to help so many and don't get recognized, maybe? Honestly, it is God through me that does it and I wonder if anyone gives him the recognition HE deserves.

Super Model, because my creation is beautiful and skinny. I don't feel pretty, let alone beauty. However I am God's creation and HE thinks I am wonderful.

All the money in the world, because most of my life I have been poor. There were others poorer than I; however we were poor. Even getting married, we were still living with barely $6.00 a week to buy food. Now God has blessed me and I am thankful.

So with all of that lumped together in ONE persona, I would be safe to say I have a lot to work on. God has blessed me to be a part of this massive OBS with P31. Together we will go through the book and work on personal issues, individually and as a group. The first chapter talks about the Lust of the Eye, the Lust of the Flesh and the Pride of Life. She doesn't use those terms; however those are the ones I prefer. In my persona, I can see all three. Yikes!


Krista said...

I didn't realize until today that you & I are both doing the OBS with Proverbs 31! I love their studies. I participated in one last fall too. I hope you do well and that God becomes your utmost craving!

Shantay said...

So cool!!!