Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Just the facts!

This might be a two part post.

It has been almost a month since I have updated my invisible stalkers. So whatz new?

I have been trying to liquidate what little stock I walked away with to pay the remaining bills from Itty Bitty's demise. This process takes so long and it is really grueling at times. Sorting, photographing, listing on multiple sites, arranging pick-ups and hoping they show up. I am about 40% done from just the stock. Of course, there are other things that need to be dealt with in regards to closing. However the stock is taking up so much room that I am still paying for the storage building.

Kristian's senior year! Bitter-Sweet and will say that stuff for another post. However, here is a beautiful photograph of her.

My gbaby is growing like crazy and is already three!!! He is a joy and I am learning that it really is harder raising a grandchild than your own. Learning curve for us all!

My work and Chad's work has been dependable and we are both very thankful for all that we have been blessed with. We are talking about moving down south. That has our attention the most, lately. More to come in another post.

There is the facts and updates. Next will be a whimsical musing of questions that have me thinking.

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