Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Book Review: "Stalemate"

STALEMATE by Iris Johansen
"Eve Duncan has turned down the job twice already. Her skill and devotion in identifying murder victims and helping bring their killers to justice may be world-renowned. But Eve works exclusively for law enforcement and the families of the innocent, and the man on the other end of the phone is many things - none of them law-abiding or innocent.

One of the world's most wanted men, little is really known about Luis Montalvo except that he is extraordinarily dangerous and that he never takes no for an answer. Now he wants Eve's help in the worst way. For he believes they have something in common - and he's about to prove it with a grisly warning.

Eve will leave everything and everyone behind, even the man she trusts and loves the most, to travel to the Colombian jungle to identify the skull he has recovered. She has agreed to this devil's bargain to save an innocent family, but also for a reason she can't admit to anyone. For the man in the jungle has promised to be able to give Eve what she wants most of all - the key to unlocking the darkest and most painful mystery of her past.

But as she gets closer to identifying the skull, she finds herself caught between two ruthless killers with no way out. Now, with everything on the line, Eve Duncan must make the most chilling choice of all. And if she's wrong…she's dead."

I just can't get enough of the Eve Duncan series!!! I love the audio books. It is interesting how the 'readers' vary. I have likes and dislikes with voices they choose for different characters. But it is great!!! OK This is a great book and the main male character really surprises me at the end of the book. I was totally impressed with the way the book developed and couldn't have hoped for a better ending. Montalvo was an amazing addition to the series! Recommended!!!

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