Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reflections of a Dear Friend

Bitter Sweet... that is life! There always seem to be so much going on, doesn't it? Feelings of being overwhelmed and not good enough, house is a disaster and/or never completing the 'to-do' lists at work and home. Always something going on and never any down time. Life sure is hard at times, especially when you lose the people that uplift you on a weekly basis. That was Bro. Jim... he "held the door open" and was an usher at our church. He spoke to each person that came in and shook their hand or in mine and several others' case... gave us a hug that meant so much. He was a talker and had a heart of gold. A beacon in our church and community. He held the door open. He would go to the retirement home and preach to those who couldn't come to church. So much meaning in those words... he held the door open. Not just literally, the door of his heart was open for us as well. In a simple task, on each Sunday... he held the door open. As tears flood my eyes, I just want to say... What an example he has been to all of us by holding the door OPEN.

He will be missed so much, just as his wife has been and will continue to be missed. Heaven has definitely gained a 'doer', a witness, a star.

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