Thursday, April 21, 2011

April and May are CrAzY dAyZ!

Boy, where has the month gone? I have got so much going on right now. School, Church, Work and Graduation!
Earlier this month, I helped the school with decorating some props for the upcoming Cinderella performances. I am also volunteering on Friday night to sell some items such as water and wands. There is an Arts Festival coming up in a few weeks and once the Cindy stuff is done, we will be focused on that all day affair. Games, prized and screaming kids...
The past couple months we have been practicing for our Easter drama on Sunday. I am part of the Sign Team & Drama Team so that means extra work for my brain and body. I really don't mind it and enjoy both of them: it just makes for a long day in town on Sundays for practice. By the time Monday the 25th rolls around, I will need a power nap!
I have a couple Something More jobs coming up this year. It is just so slow and I really wished we lived closer to a large city where I could really market my planning business. So I have a double graduation party, birthday party, and 2 baby showers lined up..Speaking of graduation! My hubs and my son are graduating. Hubs will have a bachelor's degree and son will have his diploma. I am so proud of them both for completing this journey. I know life sometimes gets in the way and they become stressed out. It has been a major adjustment for everyone in the house. Change of schedules, have us in a disarray most of the time. Just when we think we have things figured out... it is time for more changes and adjustments. We all will be turning a major corner over the next month or so and forks in the road will be everywhere. I pray for guidance and safety no matter where the road may lead.

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