Thursday, August 19, 2010

Short Update

I appears I am in week TWO of a stall. Yes I keep stalling... apparently it is when I lower my calories that I stall on my weight loss journey. So I will keep them at 1300ish, since that IS my Magic Number! I have increased them the past 2 days so I expect to see a loss tomorrow or Saturday. I have also limited my diet sodas to one a day and I am hoping that will help some also. I am contemplating going to once or twice a week. Don't get me wrong, I am still managing to get 64 oz of water in daily too. Hummm.... I am so close to my goal (only 23 lbs) that I can taste it; however it feels so far away when I don't see a change on the scale. I have to think that I am losing inches because I got another compliment today and several over the weekend. My clothes are very lose and some are too baggy with a belt to wear. So that is my update. I hope the next time I am posting, it will be to say... look at my ticker tracker at the top... :)


tbsomeday said...

1300 calories??
that seems like so few!
here's my blind suggestion..limit "regular" calories to 1300 and eat all the fresh raw veggies you can get down? :)
i've been running for a month and a half and haven't lost a pound!
but--the shape is changing..and that's what counts, right?
right--but i still like the scale to move :)

hang in there! this is your test

Shantay said...

Thanks for your suggestion. The issue is I can barely get 1200 in.. little alone 1300. So it is a challenge!

Thank you for always posting! :)