Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rewards and Punishments

While on facebook today, I see where Craig posted about rewards and punishments for your goals. So yes I have heard of rewarding yourself when you accomplish certain things... this punishment revelation, however, brings me back to my childhood. lol

So I asked him what sort of punishment would he suggest. He suggested donating money to a cause YOU DON'T LIKE. Ok that give it new meaning... There are so many causes out there that are good. Only a few, that I can think of, that I don't really support, or should I say I wouldn't WANT to support.

So I asked myself... should I or shouldn't I? I can't make the punishment about the scale... that isn't in my control (hormones and all). So should it be about my exercise routine or eating plan? I ask myself 'how bad do I want to lose weight' frequently. Now it is time to ask myself if I am willing to put myself on the line and PUNISH skipped workouts. (what if I get sick, like really sick?) Then the big question is, Do I post on here what my punishment is... like which organization I am not in favor.... hummm some things to think about!

Any thoughts?


tbsomeday said...

i don't know...punishment would take away from it i think
i say keep to the positive
i think we are hard enough on ourselves without official punishments
positive methods always achieve the best results statistically

i say keep what you are doing
slow and steady wins the race and you can't expect the same huge losses week after week as you near your goal weight...bound to slow down...but that's okay--long as you are still going in the right direction

just my thoughts

Shantay said...

Thanks for your input! After checking out the site he suggested, it appears you don't have to donate to unliked orgs. You can lose money to a friend even. You decide how much and to whom it goes... sort of interesting; however I am gonna think on it a bit more!