Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Twins

I spoke with the boy's mom the other day. She gave me an update from their 6 month check up. They weighed in at 18.4 pounds and 28 inches long & 17.11 pounds and 26 inches long. They are growing so fast... lil' chunkers I am guessing. Their 3 month photo is the last one I have seen. It really doesn't seem like it has actually been 7 months since I was preggo with them. I took a few pics back when I was about 7 months along and I was HUGE then. Now I wonder why I didn't take one before going to the hospital. LOL Circumstances maybe... who knows. I was just so focused on making sure they were healthy, that a photo shoot was not in my mind!

As you can see... my ticker reflects my journey since the birth of the twins. I have lost more weight than what I gained during the pregnancy. I actually am only five pounds away from weighing what I did when Chad and I got married. This is a photo of my dad and I AND my son and I dancing at my wedding.

Ok, well I see I posted my goals for the month and they are coming along nicely. Contemplating if I should avoid the scale for the next 4 weeks. Might make me work harder... thinking I haven't lost any weight... but not knowing so I won't become discouraged. hummm.... just contemplating!


tbsomeday said...

what beautiful pictures!
thanks for sharing!
that's awesome that you have lost so much...good job!

sounds like you grew some good sized twins!
oh my goodness--my 1 1/2 yr old weighs about 20 lbs

bet mom's got strong arms

Shantay said...

Tell me about it! She says she is tired all the time. No wonder!!! I bet their sister doesn't weigh much over that and she's FIVE. :)

Michelle said...

oh my gosh, has it been that long already since you gave birth?! I cannot believe it. congrats on your weight loss... I need to get my own butt in gear to shed some preggo pounds, and you're very inspiring!

Shantay said...

Yes Michelle... I can't believe it has been 7 months myself. You just had your lil' one... enjoy cuddling and sleeping.