Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June's Goals

My goals: I have 5 for the month of June.
1-Lose 10 lbs
2-Eliminate caffeine and simple sugars (except for my birthday)
3-Drink 85oz only water
4-Finish the "Look and Feel Great Through Nutrition" book I am reading in my spare time.
5-Do 6 days a week of Interval and Weight training.

I printed a plain calendar out so I can keep track of JUST these goals. I will need to stick to my goals in order to actually accomplish the 1st one.

ps. The scale was in my favor today!!!!

Back in March, I found out that I will be a gradma this October. Not sure if I mentioned it on here yet. I am so excited to hold this precious lil' baby!!! This past week I found out that my son and his wife are expecting a BOY!!! I am thrilled beyond words! I am also sad that I do not live closer to them and pray that this will change eventually...


tbsomeday said...

what wonderful news!!!

sounds like you have great goals

let me know how you like that book--i always like good motivating books for health

Shantay said...

I will update a review soon and let you know! :)

Michelle said...

congrats! you have such a big heart i am certain you will be a great grandmother!

Shantay said...

Thanks.. I am hoping to really spoil that baby!