Friday, May 7, 2010

Set-Backs... Not Stoppers!

Gonna do a quick re-cap since my last post. I have been doing great. Food and exercise has been on schedule. I started 2K2 TT workout and it is really kicking my butt! I alternate days, one day it is 2K2 the next it is HIIT. Feeling great with my progress.

A few weeks ago I had a biopsy done. It turns out that I had skin cancer on my leg. So Wednesday I had it removed. This process was done in the office; however it wasn't a walk in the park. They ended up going back in a total of 3 times to get it all. My leg is so sore now. What use to be a nickle size spot on my leg is now a quarter size hole... pulled together. Not a pretty thought, even to me. I am really sad about that, yet happy I can still walk! The doctor has ordered me to rest a few days and then take it easy after that. No exercise that requires the use of my legs in any way. I did try to do upper body weights last night while sitting on a weight bench. I was so tired that I could only do one set. Guess I need to follow the doc's orders and rest!

Well if you noticed my ticker isn't moving... that is why. I am not gonna weigh right now. But I am 100% on my eating plan and as soon as I can get back at it.. I will be on my exercise routing again!

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