Friday, April 30, 2010

New Month... New Goal and recappppps

Jan. 5th I started my weight loss journey, post-op from having twins. Since then I have lost 28 lbs and I feel GREAT! My goal was 30 and I came pretty darn close, if you ask me. I am not discouraged.. I am inspired by what I can accomplish with the right ingredients. I love to mix things up and boy have I!!!

Support groups..., facebook friends (which incl.TT friends), my sister challenge group, friends and family.
Exercise... TT, TaeBo, Cheer leading moves, family fun.
Food... low calorie, increasing protein and then eliminating processed carbs.

Even with all that listed, I could not have done it with out the strength of God to get me through each daily temptation.

May 1... Start Date!
25 lbs.. Goal Weight!
Aug 1... Goal Deadline!

Keep an eye out on the ticker at the top, for my progress... :)

Please post and tell me what you think.


tbsomeday said...

wow, you look great!
you should be SO PROUD!!
i know you can do it...just keep on keeping on!! :)
ps--the ticker is a good idea

Shantay said...

Thank you so much!!!! The result wasn't easy... but it is worth it!