Monday, April 5, 2010

My Weekend...

Friday we were up early. Took Kris to KY to meet her dad. Then after we dropped her off we headed back to Indy. We met some friends in Indy (final four weekend). We got our hotel, then hit the streets of downtown. Explored and hit about 4 restaurants before decided to go back to the first. (my what long waiting lists) We ate at a place called Alcatraz and there was a famous retired basket ball player in there. (I say famous however I don't watch basket ball enough to know who he was.) We had a great time. I ordered a Chicken Quesodilla without the tortilla. Then we headed to the state park in the center of downtown for a free Stone Temple Pilot concert.

Saturday we were up early again. We ate breakfast at the hotel. Then headed to downtown Indy for more action! We took pictures, will I will have up this week. We browsed sports stores for tees and then started looking for a lunch place. We ended up in Hard Rock Cafe and I had an awesome grilled chicken salad. Then we headed back to White River State Park for another free concert. We got there early and there were 100s of people. They were having a pep-rally. All four - final four teams' cheerleaders were there. Of course in the end the local Butler College Cheerleaders got the most yell. Supporting the home team and all. lol I yelled for all the girls because, I didn't want them to feel bad. Although there were plenty of people giving me dirty looks, including my friends. LOL After the rally, Darius Rucker performed... then the reason for my being showed up.... CHRIS DAUGHTRY!!! OMG... I just love him!!! The concert was awesome and great and wonderful and After Mr. Wonderful left, we some how managed to be going to the restroom when I seen the drummer and was frozen in place. I did get a picture with the cutie pie and a signature on my hand... picture coming soon! I also got the bass players auto and pic.

Joey is the drummer and he is the sweetest! Anywho! After Chad picked me up off the ground, we went to TGI Fridays and had dinner and watched Butler kick Mi States butt. Great Atmosphere!!! Then were went home.

Sunday was a great day and I just loved watching the kids have their part in the service. Afterwards they hunted eggs and I snapped photos. Once all the excitement at church was over, we visited Chad's mom and step-dad. Then we had dinner, and went home. I slept the rest of the day... and night... and morning... ok I had about 14 hours of sleep to be honest and I feel GREAT today!

Weight was 1/2 lb down from last week...

Pictures coming soon....


tbsomeday said...

that was A LOT!!

glad you had such a wonderful time!!
what awesome concerts
and WOOHOO to you for still being down weight after a trip away!

ps--will you never wash your hand again? :)

Shantay said...

I took several pictures of my hand... before washing. LOL

I now *heart* the drummer, Joey!