Friday, March 26, 2010

What to do....

Well this weekend and next week will be extremely busy!!! Here is a short list of the things we have going on.

*Volley Ball Tourney. (all day)
*Drama Team Practice
*Drama Performance
*Jazz Choir Clinic (1 day)
*Cheerleading Clinic (2 days)
*Jazz Choir Auditions
*Cheerleading Try-Outs
*Packing for Spring Break
*Taking my daughter to meet up with her Dad.
*Chilling in Indy w/ friends and going to see DAUGHTRY!
*Family Easter Dinner

OK that is enough... for one week!


tbsomeday said...

just reading your list makes me feel exhausted!

good luck with it all and let us know how daughtry is!

Nina said...

You are sure busy!! Just wanted to say "Hi" and we think of your often for what you did for Elizabeth.
(( Hugs))

Shantay said...

Hi! I think of you and Lizzy often too. How is she doing???

Shantay said...

I am exhaulsted and I am only 1/2 way through. The Drama Production is tonight!!!

I will sure be bloggin' about Daughtry! My friend booked us a room for Friday night. This is gonna be a blast!!!