Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Winter Blues Getting You Down?

The winter blues are getting me down, that's for sure. I can't wait until Spring finally arrives! Oh, to see the first sign of a green bud.... my heart does long! *smiles*

I have been sick with strep for the last week. Last night I finally felt like exercising. Kris and I did TaeBo for an hour and then did some weights and stretching. The scale was grinning at both of us this morning, which tells me we have been doing something right this past week (even if we weren't able to exercise).

I have finished reading my last book... oh I think I finished it last week. I will try and get the review posted soon. Starting on a new book now, which has a movie out. "Dear John" Looking forward to reading that book.

Yesterday I got an email from the twins' mom. She sent pictures and an update. I was thrilled, to say the least! The boys have grown so much... I do wished I would have gotten to hold them, at least once. OH well, they were in the nicu and that wasn't an option at the time. Maybe one day, when they are still small enough to hold I will get to. LOL

Well enough of my rambling. Just wanted to post a lil' sum'um. Take care my blog readers and friends!

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tbsomeday said...

glad you are feeling better!
good job on the continued weight loss.
love the cartoon and i do hope you get to hold the boys--time goes so fast!