Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feeling Sick

Never fails. Every time I get on a roll.... I get sick or hurt. Maybe I go too fast, maybe it is just the luck of the draw! Today I am going to the doctor to see what I have. I know what I don't have and that is a voice! How the heck am I suppose to answer the phone (at work) without a voice? lol Well I do what I can. I close my door (so I won't spread germs, too much) and I stay in my hole. I feel like crap, runny nose , sore throat and coughing. Slight fever, but nothing major. I went to bed at 8pm last night and finally forced myself out of bed at 9am this morning to call the doctor for an appt. They can't get me in until late afternoon, so I came into work (wishing I would have crawled back in bed). They told me to go home.. but home is 1/2 hr away and the dr. appt is in town. So I am just hiding out in here because I don't have anywhere else to go. I hope I don't get others sick....

My hands feel puffy today, so I am probably retaining some water due to the sickness. I am happy that the scale still reflected another pound down. Maybe once I get done with being sick, the scale will really drop!


tbsomeday said...

aw, i'm sorry
it's miserable to be sick
let us know what the dr says!
rest up and drink your fluids!

Shantay said...

Thx for posting. I have streap and ear infection. Home today... slept almost all day, minus the past 2.