Tuesday, December 8, 2009

27 Days & Reality Begins....

27 days and I will be back to work. I miss my job and I can't wait until I start it back up. However I know I will not be feeling so excited by about 4pm that first Monday back. (hehehe)

This past weekend my Mom and Nephew came up to visit me. We had a great time, yet I somehow over did it. I have been in alot of pain since Sunday. So this week I am back to resting more than not. I hope to bounce back quickly though. I really need to be back to my (somewhat) normal self soon.

So what is reality?
~I have to go back to work.
~I need to lose the remainder of the baby weight...(est. 20 lbs).
~I need to decide a diet plan and exercise routine and get with it.

Thanks to a dear friend who offered us their 'bow flex', I have several items to help me with an exercise routine. So I am easing back into it with some hand weights.

I have decide to go back to a staple diet plan that has worked for me in the past. With all the available plans, you have to find what works for you and then... just do it. So I will be doing the Atkins Diet to get back the body I once had.

I have high hopes and reasonable expectations for me. With the above assistance, I will add prayer and I know I will accomplish the pre-pregnancy weight!


tbsomeday said...

though it's always good once you get back in the swing of things

i won't comment on the atkins :)

Shantay said...

Thanks... I have found people have strong opinions on the Atkin's Diet. (lol)

It's all good though!

Shantay said...

Considering I am still pumping... I am waiting to hear back from my nutritionist before starting this diet.

Roundballnz said...


don't worry about the pro/anti Atkins crowd - find something that works for you but is healthy & long term & you will do good !

you know where my blog is just sing out when you want talk exercise/workouts - its the least I can do