Saturday, November 14, 2009


I have been looking at a few exercise machines to help US get back into shape. Craig's List has a few that are close enough to pick up... Just don't know.

Nordic Track Stair Stepper?
Total Gym 1700?
Recumbent Bike?


Should I go for broke and just get all three????



Michelle said...

If I was going to buy one piece of aerobics equipment it would be a treadmill. Walking, jogging, sprinting. Second to that would be a stairstepper.

Right before I got knocked up :) I was playing around with kettlebells - that's a total workout (strength + cardio) you can get with just one or two bells and a good video.

Shantay said...

I have a treadmill. So I am thinking about a second piece of equipment. I forgot about those kettlebells.... hummm.