Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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"HIS UPTOWN GIRL" BY Gail Sattler. Men of Praise series.

Great little book about a guy named Bob who owns a mechanic business with a childhood friend. Bob is an italian, chistian drummer who has family dinners with his parents and sibling. Oh, by the way, he owns a Harley. I found this out 1/2 way through the book.

It also is about a girl named Georgette "George" who is from a very high-class family. Her mom left when she was young, her sister is married and she lives with her father, housekeeper and other hired hands. She gets a nice allowance from her father to help with charity stuff and attend fund-raisers. She recently started attending church on Sunday and her father is opposed to it. He feels it is a crutch for the weak and she is embarrassing him by going. She does have a hobby, mechanical.

As Georgette stops in Bob's shop to pick up some part he had ordered for her, she realizes they are looking to hire a part-time book keeper and a part-time mechanic. She immediately see the opportunity to get out from her father's thumb and do something she enjoys. So she applies for BOTH positions. He decides to hire her after she identifies a mechanical issue with a customer's car.

Georgette doesn't tell her father of her new job and eventually it gets her into trouble... ok trouble really isn't a strong enough word for it. It get her dis-owned! She finds herself with no place to live, no car, no money and no friends. She turns to her boss and he helps her (while falling in love with her). He lets her live in a garage apartment that his cousin lived in the previous year. He teaches her how to cook, clean and all the things typically people learn. He also invites her to church with him and she enjoys it.

There are burnt dinners, motorcyle rides, puking from too much pine sole and a girl begging for him to kiss her. With many struggles along the way, they both fall for each other. In the end, he is hesitant since he is her boss. After a big nug that causes him to re-evaluate his avoidance, they commit to the love that they feel and decide to get married.

I give this book two thumbs up!!!

Isaiah 40:29
He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

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