Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hyacinth: Smell the fragrance of life and allow the taste upon your tongue, for the beauty of all is with you, when the senses are not clouded with the daily ritual of the mundane. Keep the spirit strong with blessings of gratitude.

I just received the most beautiful flowers. They are blue and purple and gorgeous!!! It came with an exquisite pink vase. I wished I had a camera where I could take a photo of the actual arrangement; however this is a photo of what the flower looks like. I also feel blessed to have M&M in my life and to have the honor of carrying these boys for them. THANK YOU for my birthday gift... I love it!


Baby Maker said...

awww how sweet! Have you taken new belly photos? I must have missed them

Shantay said...

Thank you. I took 1 belly shot; however I didn't post it on this blog, just on SMO.

I will take one soon and post on here. My bump is getting bigger....