Wednesday, May 27, 2009

VENTING (a little)

The last few weeks we have been dealing with insurance stuff. With all the testing involved with IVF, I have had a total of 11 bills. 10 of which have been billed through my insurance. Still working on the 11th one! Now although you may not know the 'agreement', I am hoping you can follow me. So after M&M trying to get their insurance to pay some of the pre-preg. bills, we are still waiting for confirmation of payment. Insurance companies really aren't in ANY hurry... that is for sure. They give us the line of 'it is being processed' & 'the computer is rejecting it and we have to manually enter it' (5/21/09). Well we all know that manual entry takes longer. Also ALL the bills need to go through MY insurance in order to get credit applied to the deductible. SO... once a visit is billed... step 1- bill MY insurance! SO get this, I get a bill in the mail last Friday. It stated that I owed the full amount and they hadn't even billed the insurance company. That was enough to cause me to call and schedule a face-to-face! I am glad I did... although I don't feel like it is resolved yet... we have taken a step. I had her print out each bill. We went one by one to see who they billed and what the results were. 5 out of the 11 were right. So that left 6 that needed billed through my insurance, pending pymt or weren't submitted. GRRR.... OK, so I left the office feeling a small step closer to a finish line. I will give them (the insurance companies) a few weeks to process these claims then I will meet again with the billing dept to see where we stand. Each month adds another bill and I would really like to get these cleaned up ASAP... this is starting to stress me out!

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