Thursday, May 21, 2009


Great Strides CF Walk
Sunday we had a great time meeting out and walking with friends. There wasn't as many people as last year because there was another CF walk scheduled the same time less than an hour from us. So some of the people from last year went to that walk. However we still had a good crowd! The friend I walk for was in the hospital and was unable to be there. Please send up prayers for her!

Mass Building
Boy these boys are really growing. They are each 3 inches long from crown to rump. My belly is definitely pooching! Some of my jeans.. ok most of my jeans hurt my tummy when I sit, so I am reaching for the elastic bands now. I have some maternity stuff that I ordered from ebay and am in the process of washing and hanging. I have quite a collection! The only good thing that has come of my son moving in with his dad is that I can use his room and closet as my maternity room! HEHEHE. So I am 3 months pregnant and my belly is just starting to show. I am in the awkward stage where my normal clothes are snug and my maternity clothes are a little too big. I think I will take a picture soon and post it... anyone interested?

Balance the Changes
Ok some of you know that my hubby has returned to college. There has been some adjustments to scheduling and it isn't easy! Yes, I will admit that I have gotten spoiled from him being laid off and home for over a year. Whenever daughter needed a ride to practice, or forgot her folder at home, or got sick... Chad was there to take care of it. Now he isn't as available and it sucks! On top of that, the changes in MY hormones are totally crazy. That is also an adjustment to all. So life at the moment is a little stressful while we are adjusting to the new changes. I am sure things will work out eventually; however right now... I will just take naps whenever I get overwhelmed and stressed!

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