Thursday, May 7, 2009

Q: Why do women decide to become Surrogates?

A: There are many potential “reasons” the idea to become a Surrogate is sparked; however, the main reason stated by Surrogates is they are sympathetic to those unable to have children on their own. Oftentimes, for instance, women are driven by their compassion for a friend, co-worker, or relative who they have watched go through infertility or pregnancy loss. A number of Surrogates report feeling empathy for family members who need the help of a third party to have children, and may have experienced prejudices from certain adoption agencies. Many times, even after the fore mentioned become parents, the seed has been planted, so to speak, and a woman contemplating surrogacy or egg donation feels compelled to find someone in a similar predicament to help.

Surrogates typically have a history of uncomplicated and pleasant pregnancies. They value the gift of parenthood and have a healthy and supportive relationship with their spouse or partner (when applicable). They are oftentimes women who have a desire to help others in general, and they may consider this to be an opportunity to help somebody else in one of the most important and meaningful ways possible.

In a nutshell, personal gratification tends to be the primary benefit to Surrogacy for women who: enjoy being pregnant and are ready to deal with the physical and mental repercussions that accompany pregnancy/childbirth, are certain they will not form a “maternal” attachment to the baby/ies they are carrying; are willing to follow a fairly intense medication protocol (which will likely include injections); and who have a stable and supportive home environment.

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