Wednesday, May 6, 2009

12 days later...

Last week I blogged about thumbs... well, I just want to mention that I returned to the doctor today. My thumb didn't get better and it was starting to look like an infection was building up. Last night Chad threaten that if I didn't go to the doctor he was gonna go exploring with a needle in my thumb. That didn't sound too appealing, so I called the doctor this morning. Once I got in to see her (same doc. as last week), she agreed that we needed to break the skin. She put a numbing patch on there for about 5 or so minutes then got ready. Doctor used a blade and cut into my thumb (not as deep as I expected). A little bit of 'pussy' white stuff came out and she squeezed a little harder and bada bing bada boom! A rather large piece of that stick came OUT. No wonder it hurt so much!!! She was shocked, too. After making sure there wasn't anything else in there, she cleaned it and dressed it w/ antibiotic ointment and a bandage. So glad that is over and NOW we can heal properly!

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