Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Update

Hey, I had my 1st non-sick day yesterday! So happy for those...

This weekend was busy. Let me share what happened this Saturday. After a long day at Kris' volley ball tourney, we decided to do some yard work. It was about 3ish and warm out... 80 degrees with a breeze.

Kris and I was finishing up a cleaning project in the flower bed that I started the weekend before. I had gotten 1/2 done then and wanted to FINISH that area. So I was raking and cutting old vines, cleaning out the hostas and cutting down unwanted baby trees. Nothing real strenuous. Kris and I was almost finished when I raking the last area to bag... all of a sudden I seen a snake slithering along the brick that I was less than a foot away. It was about a foot and a half long and a creamy brown color w/ a stripe down its back. It hurried in a hole along the brick. After I screamed and yelled and asked Kris to watch the hole so I could go get Chad, he finally came over about 10 min. later. (no help, he was) So I had her watch the hole while I finished raking and gathering the rest of the dead plants. I am thinking back. I was only inches away from it at one point when I was down there cutting the morning glory back.... omg!

Sunday she and I went for Sunday School and then headed home to get ready for another volley day. We were there from noon - 5pm. She wanted to go to youth service so she showered and we headed back to church to finish the movie we started this month. We watched the Passion of Christ for our April project.

A little tired today, but taking it easy at work!

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