Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ultrasound Today

I borrowed this image from the medical web site I stumbled upon. It is so cool though. That is twins at 8 week... and I am 8.5 weeks! Today was my ultrasound and I am happy to report all went well. The boys are growing and right on track. God is good!!! I am hoping that when the clinic calls this afternoon or tomorrow I will be released to my OB doctor for the remaining duration of the pregnancy. It is hard to feel like a normal pregnancy when I have been to the hospital for 6 tests in the last 30ish days. Not complaining... just saying that is a lot. But very soon I will fall in the normal range... Well as normal as it can be considering I am a surrogate for some very dear people. M&M are so excited it is really beyond word at the moment. So who defines the work normal? People do... what ever is the most common is normal... no matter if it is right or wrong. But that can open a can of worms if I go that route. So for now... normal pregnancy is what I want.

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