Thursday, April 2, 2009

This weeks update.

I sure have been busy this week. I haven't posted since Friday. LOL

Thursday (3/26) was my first beta and it came back with great numbers (808).
Monday was my second beta and it came back with great numbers (6995).
Thursday was my third beta and it came back with great numbers (20,278).

All the numbers are high. Which is good. I am pregnant! On Thursday, April 9th, we will have an ultrasound. M&M will be joining me. Well she will be. I am so excited to have her with me during this appointment. The FIRST ultrasound. We will get to see the baby or babies. They will be able to see how many implanted. We are hoping to hear the heart beat and maybe if we are lucky enough, get a photo of them. Yes I am speaking in plural. We transferred two and until it is confirmed otherwise, I will continue to speak as if there are two growing in me.

I am so tired lately. I guess I forgot how tired being pregnant can make you. LOL All and all, everything is perfect. I am looking forward to sharing this special time with M&M.

Next week is Spring Break. We have a Palm Sunday Drama to perform this Sunday. My daughter's dad is coming up to see it and then to take her with him for a week. Due to two people in the sales dept taking off that week, I will be bringing my food and dining in. Monday evening I have a Ladies Circle of Love meeting to attend. Tuesday and Wednesday will be uneventful, prolly take a nap after work. lol Thursday is the u/s. Friday we are off work so Chad and I will travel to visit his G'ma (she's 99) and then continue south to pick up Kris. I will prolly nap on the way. hehehe. I need lots of naps lately.

I have taken full advantage of my restrictions. I have already read 3 novels in the last 3 weeks. Twilight, New Moon, & Eclipse. I am on chapter 6 in Breaking Dawn. Since Kris isn't finish with it.. it may take longer. LOL I called the library and was put on their waiting list for it... dang... I am number 5 on the list!

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