Friday, February 20, 2009

Ultrasound and Blood work

Ok so Thursday was my appointment in Indy. The appointment was in the middle of the day so it shot any hope of going in to work. I did go ahead and schedule the next appointment the same day I scheduled this one, so I was able to get an earlier appointment in order to make it in for 1/2 day. That will be on March 2nd. Anywho, the roads were icey and we seen 5 or 6 vehicles off the road on our way down. Since Chad was off work he went with me to drive & keep me company. We waited for the lab lady to draw blood and then I had to wait in the waiting room again. Then they did my ultrasound and everything looked great! woohoo. M&M's were so happy to hear that.
That evening the nurse coordinator called to confirm that everything looked great and all tests came back perfect. I will continue on lupron(20units) until Monday: then decrease Lupron and start some new meds. After I go back for my next u/s in March, she said she would know more about the eggs and how that was progressing. On a side note: I found some cute green clover socks to wear on the transfer day!

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