Sunday, December 28, 2008


In following suit with Abby, I want to add some goals!

1~ Continue avoiding carbonated drinks and deep fried foods.
2~ Limit eating lunch out to only 2 days a week so I can afford the monthly Y membership.
3~ Go to the Y 3 times a week for interval training. (as long as the Dr. permits)
4~ Do the TT workout 3 times a week at home with hubby.(as long as the Dr. permits)
5~ Get 8 hours of sleep so I won't be reaching for extra food to give me energy.
6~ Weekly family game night re-instated. lol
7~ Tackle one 'hot spot' in the house a week. (surly there isn't more than 52 of 'em...)lol
8~ Spend time daily meditating and praying for peace and stress relief.
9~ Continue Birthday Card ritual to family members.
10~ Maintain a healthy lifestyle that will be mimiced by my children.

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