Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Talk

My Christmas Wish List was short this year...
1~ My son home for the holidays.
2~ My daughter to be safe and have fun with her dad.

My Christmas Get List was long...
1~ I have my son for 2 whole weeks!
2~ My daughter is having an awesome time with her daddy.
3~ 2 Jackets
4~ Ear Rings
5~ 2 Shirts
6~ Zip up Sweater
7~ Navigational system w/ hard case.

I am truly blessed!

My M&M's even sent me a huge tin of variety popcorn! Yummy Caramel Popcorn!

Tara, our kitty, has had fun during this holiday season. She has found a warm place under the tree to nap, behind the presents. She is dazed by all the sparkling lights. AND when the kids place a sticky bow on her, she thought it was holding her down and she couldn't move. LOL She has been so funny to watch!

This year we had another Chinese Christmas. From the look of the parking lots and tables, 1/2 of Kokomo had a Chinese Christmas, too. The other 1/2 had a Hardee's Christmas. lol

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