Monday, November 3, 2008

Week #9

OK I WUZ on a roll. Halloween was a derail for me. lol I did great during the week. I even did great the day of Halloween. However I got a little off track over the weekend with my diet. I am doing better today and plan on really watching it the rest of this 12 week challenge. My daughter dressed up as a prisoner and I dressed up like a dude. LOL. It made me miss my son even more than normal! However, knowing he was with his dad and safe, eased my mind some.
I received the profile for my couple. I will call them M&M's. Yeah I know... just like the candy. hehehehe. After reading the 'limited' information, I emailed the agency to ask a couple more questions. After all, one can not enter into such a course without sufficient knowledge! (lol) The agency and IM (intended mother) were both eager to do whatever I needed to rest my mind. She even gave me their phone number, which was AWESOME!
This actually helped me even more than I realized. I called M&M's and talked with her for almost an hour today. She is so sweet and considerate of my feelings. I was amazed at the way we matched on so many topics. Some were what I call HOT topics, others were just plain ole' topics of interest. However each subject opened my eyes and heart to who they are. I am extremely excited to meet them in person! Here is to a new beginning and answered prayers!!!

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