Friday, November 21, 2008

Week #12 (Finale')

Well this is it~It was the last week of my TT Transformation Contest! Over the last 12 weeks, so much has changed and happened. If you don't believe me, go back and read my posts from September up until now. (WARNING: Grab some water and a snack since you will be reading for a while. lol)

This week I decided to join the YMCA's Holiday Trimmings Club this year. It is a 5 week membership to the Y and you weigh in every other week. My goal is to maintain
over the holidays. I figured that is the least stress related choice. Due to the 2nd Annual Free Christmas Event being held on Dec 13. my exercise room has now become a storage area. (click on pic of "Merry Christmas") Since I am unable to work out at home and have several free lunch days AND work a few blocks from the Ymca, I decided this would be an awesome opportunity for me to stay in shape while applying TT techniques! (that sounded like a run-on sentence. lol)(what a mouth full)

I have put a bug in my TT owners ear about preggo workouts. I hope that he is able to come up with a great routine for me. I have an idea of what I can do while pregnant to stay fit and healthy; however I need a professional's opinion along with the doctor's, of course! Meaning while, I will continue doing my TT routine.

Lots going on over the next 5 weeks... so lots of stress management going on. lol


Michelle said...

congrats on finishing Shantay!! So how much did you lose? I couldn't seem to stick with dieting. Oh well. I definitely need to tone up for the wedding though! :)

kelly buffington said...

i seen your post on smo. about the lawyers.. please email me when you find something out about an indiana lawyer.... since i am in indiana and my "possible surro" is from muncie. so she will prob deliver at the hospital i work at..

Michelle said...

Hey Shantay, I am giving you a Superior Scribbler Award, come check it out!