Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Minnie Meeting

Friday evening I met a group of gals from my area. There were suppose to be 8 of us; however 4 actually made it to this meeting. We dined at Puccini's which was an awesome small Italian restaurant. We hope to plan another one soon! Now let me tell you a little about my new friends.

The first Minnie to show up was just getting started in her journey. She has talking with several couples interested; however for one reason or another things haven't worked out with them. She is still looking for the right couple and will be an awesome surro some day!

The second Minnie to arrive is expecting. She is over half way through her pregnancy and looked awesome with her baby bump!!! She decided to go indy and not use an agency. Her couple sounds sweet and attentive to her needs.

The last little Minnie to bring a little sunshine to the otherwise rainy evening had other obligations that caused her to run late. That was ok because she brought tons of photos to make up for it. LOL She is in the middle of the process with getting a sibling project going with the couple she helped bring a son into the world with. The couple is from Germany, so an international exchange was an interesting story.

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