Thursday, June 19, 2008

Step Up2... Are you Stepping Up to do what you need to do?

I just love this movie about a girl trying to do what she loves at any cost. The main reason I like it is because I really want her body. No I am not crazy... I wished I had her body. Yes I know she is way younger than I am, however a girl can dream can't she? I want to look sexy and hot, just the way she does when she is dancing in the rain with everything she has got. This picture is from the end of the movie. She had overcome alot to get to this point and now she is just doing all she can to make her dream come true. That is me... I am in the middle of the movie in my life. Still struggling and over coming obsticles... but one day... ONE DAY I will be the hot chick dancing in the rain that everyone else is looking at and thinking, I want to be her!!!

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