Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A portion of an Email to my friend.

Give up control, yet stay in me Game. Interesting. Is this part of the book you were talking about? It is so true.

Give up control... nothing else!

Stay in the game... not in the past!

So much we learn from each other. I was thinking of something written in the bible. It spoke of 'seeking HIS Kingdom and the rest being added'. I was thinking on that the other night. Maybe 'the rest' can mean a healthy weight, on top of financial blessings. Honestly though, my seeking him and reading scriptures more is what brought me to this line of thinking... NOT the other way around. lol True intentions of the heart and all. I want to grow in Christ and flourish in Him. He wants me at my best... there is no reason to think otherwise. Satan creates situations that causes stress if we let it (which I did). But that doesn't mean God loves me less. I am sure my heavenly angel is shaking her head right now. I often have these moments of revelations. I feel she directs me and keeps me from going past the point of no return in all of life's situations.

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