Monday, August 27, 2012

Fun with Amazon

Saturday, Amazon had an employee 'picnic' at the Children's Museum. We had a blast. There was so much to see and not enough time. It was great to play with Ethan and watch him interact with other children. He was not timid and many times we had to be on our toes following him.

This is just ONE photo taken that day. Ethan and I are standing infront of the artic polar bear. There were many amazing things that we missed. We will definitely have to go back there again.

I enjoyed crawling around with him in tunnels, pushing buttons to make thing light up, digging for treasures, working with puzzles and having our picture taken at the dinosaures exhibit and the hot wheels exhibits!

Here is a photo of Pops and Ethan. They were really impressed with the Hot Wheels exhibit and we spent lots of time here playing with cars and tracks. It was a great day for all of us.

On the way home... I had a minor heart attack as I felt we were in the 'wrong neighborhood'. We were able to find our way out without any trouble; however I was so close to calling someone for help. (Chad thinks I over-react.) hum!


Kayla said...

I just came across your blog by accident. I recognized that polar bear. :) I too am a hoosier.

Shantay said...

Love it! :)