Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Book Review: "DEATH ON TOUR"

Death on Tour by Janice Hamrick
"After a member of an Egyptian tour group is found dead, Texas high school teacher and fellow traveler Jocelyn Shore learns that no one is what they seen. Texas high school teacher Jocelyn Shore and her cousin Kyla are on a once-in-a-lifetime guided tour of Egypt with a motley crew of fellow travelers when the most odious of the bunch, a nosy, disagreeable woman named Millie Owens, takes a fatal fall off of one of the great pyramids. And that's only the beginning of their troubles.
From the jovial doctor haggling for trinkets he doesn't want to the mysterious impostor wearing someone else's clothing to the attractive stranger traveling alone, this group of tourists is carrying more than one kind of baggage. Add a mistaken identity, a priceless necklace, and another unexpected death, and Jocelyn finds herself reluctantly trying to unravel an intrigue that threatens to end not only her vacation, but her life."

WOW!!! Egypt sounds great... besides the murders and thieves! I really enjoyed not knowing who was the killer until the very end of the book. Everyone was so mysterious and it reminded me of the game CLUE. Each person seemed to have had a question mark over their head. Just when you think you have 'cleared' someone. They do something to make them a suspect again. Jocelyn is not quiet Nancy Drew. She keeps reminding herself that it is none of her business... but things keep happening to her, so how can it not be her business???

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