Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Book Review: SPIRAL

"Spiral" by Paul McEuen

"In this Riveting debut thriller by one of the leading researchers in nanoscience, the race is on to stop the devastating proliferation of the ultimate bio weapon.
When Nobel laureate Liam Connor is found dead at the bottom of one of Ithaca, New York's famous gorges, his research collaborator, Cornell professor of nanoscience Jake Sterling, refuses to believe it was suicide. Why would one of the world's most eminent biologists, an eighty-six-year-old man in good health who survived some of the darkest days of the second World War, have chosen to throw himself off a bridge? And who was the mysterious woman caught on camera at the scene? Soon it becomes clear that a cache of supersophisticated nanorobots - each the size of a spider - has disappeared from the dead man's laboratory.
Stunned by grief, Jake, Liam's granddaughter, Maggie and Maggie's nine-year-old son, Dylan, try to put the pieces together. They uncover ingeniously coded messages Liam left behind pointing toward a devastating secret he gleaned off the shores of war-ravaged Japan and carried for more than sixty years.
What begins as a quest of answers soon leads to a horrifying series of revelations at the crossroads of biological warfare and nanoscience. At this dangerous intersection, a skilled and sadistic assassin, an infamous Japanese war criminal, and a ruthless US government official are all players in a harrowing game of power, treachery and intrigue - a game whose winner will hold the world's fate literally in the palm of his hand."

I joined a book clue! Can you tell by the type of book this it? It isn't my typical read; however I did find it very interesting and sort of cool to read. It talked alot about science and DNA. Transforming DNA strands to make a 'new' thing. The book was very unpredictable. I didn't read the above excerpt before I read the book. So I was very surprised to see that Liam got killed so soon into the book and even MORE surprised at how it happened. I suggest this book to all!

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