Monday, July 11, 2011

Books! Born in a Small Town

This is a 3 books in one.

Debbie Macomber wrote "Midnight Sons and Daughters"
There's something special about Alaska-and about the town of Hard Luck. Scott O'Halloran grew up there: he's been away for years, but now he's back. To stay? Every body's wondering-especially Chrissie Harris. The girl left behind...
Nothing like a story where the guy is crazy in love... keeps hurting the girl... and she keeps falling for him! I mostly enjoyed the talk about Scott being a child with great romance suggestions for the 'now' married adults.

Judith Bowen wrote "The Glory Girl"
Glory, Alberta. A cowboy town in cowboy country. Hannah Parrish loves it here. "Once from a small town, always from a small town," says Jack Gamble, ex-prospector, a man who's ready to come home. He wants to find a 'nice, quite Glory girl'. And that's exactly what Hannah is-even if Jack doesn't know it yet!
Another Alaska setting, yet there was nothing really pin-point on that state. I loved the way Hannah dressed up at Halloween and became another person. It really got me when Jack said that he wanted both Hannah and her persona she was acting out. I enjoyed the twist this book brought.

Janice Kay Johnson wrote "Promise Me Picket Fences"
Melanie Parker never wants to leave Elk Springs, Oregon. After a lifetime of moving, she finally has a big house with a picket fence. To Kevin McNeil that should like prison. They could walk away from each other right now - if they weren't falling in love...
Wrapping up the books, this was a great ending. I wasn't sure about the 'white picket fence' setting. So cliche' but it seemed to work here. Another bout of miscommunication... as in every relationship. I enjoyed this book too for it's chemistry the characters had.

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