Thursday, June 23, 2011

Florida... here I come!

Well I am counting down the HOURS until I am in Florida. This is a much needed vacation for me. I am really stressed and am looking forward to SIX solid days of not having to worry about anyone else. I wished my hubs could come, though. I know he would have a great time and enjoy getting away like this. Work... sure gets in the way sometimes. lol I am thankful for my job and the time off that I have available to take this vaca. I guess I could use my time in other ways... but THIS just worked out for me. Steffy (DIL) and the baby (G'baby) will be flying with me. Her parents live down there and she will be visiting them. This will be the first time that they have seen Ethan and they are really excited about it. I am looking forward to meeting them and can't wait. I will be staying with a friend... let's see... how long have I known her? Maybe since 2004! Her and I have a lot in common and talk almost every day online, so this will be nice. To chat face to face and enjoy the 'real-ness' of it all. Not to mention a BEACH!!! We have got... lots planned. I may try to come here and blog about each day... we will see how that works.

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