Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Friday- Worked 1/2 day and then got my toe nails painted before meeting a lady to give her some stuff I had at home (decluttering). We picked up Kris from school about 10 min before the bell rang. Then we were OFF! After a few hours driving... STOP! We were in a jam... they had closed the interstate and we (including everyone) was looking for an alternative route. Traffic Jam for several hours! What typically takes us 6 hours, took us 8 hours. So we get there very late and pop in to see my son and his wife and her very pregnant belly! After 1/2 hr we take off to my sister's who live another 1/2 hr away. They were waiting up for us and we soon after crashed.

Saturday- We got up about 8ish and headed back to where my son was staying (at my dad's). We hung out a little while Chad and James worked on his car (wheel issues). Then we all 5 went back to my sister's house for my nephew's birthday party. It was awesome seeing all those people. It had been too long! I got to hold an 8 month baby and he was a chunker... actually he got passed around over and over. lol I avoided the birthday cupcakes! Then the 4 of us (left Kris w/ her mamaw), when to Lowe's to get something for the car. After that, we stopped to discuss some future plans. Then it was baby shower time! I made them stay in the truck while we decorated. Mom, Kris and Danielle (niece) was there and we all got it done in time. A little before 6 we let them come in and they were surprised! I will share pictures on fb soon. All but 3 ppl showed up that I was expecting... for a total of 23 guests and a million presents. lol The red Velvet cake was great, yes I ate a piece of that. Then we sorted newborn stuff from older stuff and packed it up accordingly. Everyone went their own way and passed out from exhaustion. lol

Sunday- Kris and I slept in. Sister and her hubby went to church. Chad got up and out the door to go work on James' car before he had to go into work (10:30a). Mom got up early to go with my sister to VA to visit her boys. So... Kris and I slept in... got ready... I ate more red velveete cake for breakfast. Chad came home and brought Stephanie (dil). We watched a movie until my sister called to say church was over. We met them at Chili's for lunch to celebrate her(my sis) birthday. Stopped by Lowe's again. Then back to my sister's house so Chad could work on an electrical issue there. They left for church and we shortly after, left to pick up son from work. We went to my dad's and hung out with him. Later my sister called and we met at pizza hut for dinner. (large group then) Afterwards we dropped son and dil off and headed to my sister's house. I ate another piece of cake then. (very bad day as you can see... lots of stress)

Monday Morning- I was bound and determined to be better and NO cake! Got up super early, sis. family still sleeping. We packed and took off to my dad's house. We visited with them while loading their stuff in our truck. Then it was almost time for son to be a work. So they left and took his car to Firestone Tire. Apparently there is a brake leak now. They can't fix it and we stress some more over that. Ok they can fix it however it will take a thousand or so! OK meet sis and her family for breakfast and mull over the issue with them and say our final good byes. Then we popped into uhaul to see if they were open on Labor Day. They were and had a trailer to rent. They held it for us as we went to son's work to talk with him. Final decision was for us to tow the car back to Indiana and try to get it fixed here cheaper. So back to Uhaul... then to Firestone to get the car... then back to my dad's to get more of their stuff since it all will not fit into my jeep when I go back down next month when the baby is born and they move back to Indiana officially.

Monday 2:30 we are finally on the road! Cruising along when all of a sudden there is a wreck in front of us. Motorcyclist. PTL we were able to stop before causing more damage. It was bumper to bumper traffic before the wreck! So it was a miracle only 1 man was seriously injured. I got out of the truck and helped until a couple doctor's got there... then we were on our way again. Agreeing we had enough stress for one day we decided to stop and get a real dinner instead of drive thru. Finding this very good mexican restaurant, we enjoyed dinner. Eventually we made it home. *yawn* NO cake...

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