Friday, February 5, 2010

Whatcha think?

Ok tell me. I am really feeling weird this week. Not sure what it is. I feel like I am just going through the motions in every aspect of my life. I eat right, go to work, cook dinner, and then bam! I go to bed. Every night this week I have just simply went to bed. It is like I am zapped and have absolutely NO energy to give any more. Monday was my ladies meeting so I did teach that devotional. But there has been little exercise. Here is a recap of the week.

Monday. Work, Ladies' Meeting, Bed
Tuesday. Work, Circuit Training, Taebo
Wednesday. Work, Bed
Thursday. Work, Bed
Friday. Work, Circuit Training, soon to be in BED.

Ok since I have typed it out, it doesn't look that bad. It seems like I am fighting off a bug, or maybe just complacent? I just feel WEIRD. Not sick, just WEIRD. So do you think it is ok that this week has been a little slacking in the exercise dept? I have kept my calories low. Needing support from my support system here!


Roundballnz said...


It doesn't look that back, could just be your body saying I need a break here & next week you will have your mojo back!

tbsomeday said...

first thing that flashes to mind is pregnant :)
also--maybe not enough calories--too little and everything will backfire

RebekahRose said...

It's not so much about looking back and seeing you actually have done more than you thought you did - the thing that I think is important is addressing how you're FEELING. :) Are you still feeling like that, sort of off, lacking motivation? Could very easily be hormones shifting and balancing back out. If you are even a little worried about feeling not yourself don't hesitate to call your OB or primary care and at least talk to them about it. Could be nothing, but it doesn't hurt to be proactive and maybe get levels checked and just make sure everything is ok with you physically.. Hugs! Hope you feel back to YOU this week!! :)

Michelle said...

Shantay! You already know that taking it easy for a week is ok if you are tired! When was the last time you had a whole week off for recovery? Don't forget you gave birth only a couple months ago. Don't be too hard on yourself, girl!