Monday, January 25, 2010


Biggest Loser Sister Challenge is going great. Andrea, Carol and I have been really keeping in contact through facebook and the occasional phone calls. It has really helped me stay focused. We agreed not to weigh for a month, so as you may have noticed the ticker above hasn't been moving. But let me reassure you that I HAVE!. lol Tonight is considered our last change workout and I have committed to 90 push ups. OMG I will have jello for arms tomorrow. I plan on doing some through out the day to break it up. My foot is doing better, so cardio might be possible tonight. We will see. Nutrition has been on track and I am maintaining a deficient in calories over all. I still need to restrict a few more to get me where I need to be, in order to meet my very aggressive goal!

The twin's mom called me the other day. It truly made my day! I missed talking with her and hearing how her day is going. I know she is so busy with the boys and their daughter, though. I totally understand the time it takes to keep up with little ones.

I met up with Lizzy's parents and delivered the remaining supply of milk. Such an awesome feeling to help others.


tbsomeday said...

90 push ups!
makes my arms hurt thinking about it
what a fun challenge though!!
good luck--sounds like you are doing great!

Shantay said...

Yeah I know... 10 down... I need to get to pushing. hehehe

btw, I posted on your blog...