Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Twin's Birth Story

I met M&M on Nov. 15, 2008. It was slow moving and I was really excited to start the process. Once the testing and contract was done, we were well on our way to making a baby or two. Feb. I started the injections and on March 15th we transferred 2 beautiful male embryos. After 2 weeks of waiting, several betas and ultrasounds it was confirmed... I was preggo with TWINS!!!


July I was diagniosed with placenta previa and pre-eclampsia. Then on August 5, at 23.3 weeks, I was placed on bed rest. Although it was unexpected, I managed to find a temp to cover my job. I then spent the remaining weeks resting and relaxing for the sake of the boys.


October 14th, at 33.4 weeks, I started having consistant contractions that were 10 min apart. I finally called the doctor and was told to come in for monitoring. I spent the night in the hospital in IN. and was released the following morning. My OB was out of town so the on call doctor refused to give me the steroid shots that my doctor and I discussed. The day I was released from the IN hospital, IM drove over and took me to IL. After the long drive there, we went straight to the IL hospital and I was admitted there. My IL doctor kept me there for 2 days to do labs and give me the steroid shots. I wasn't a happy camper to have to spend all those days in the hospital. Anywho, Saturday I was released to go home w/ M&M and to remain in the area. We sort of expected for me to go into labor since they used meds to keep me from continuing in labor while given the shots... however that didnt' happen any time soon.


I go for an ultrasound appt on Wednesday the 28th and the boys looked great! Later that after noon, I start to notice a pattern in my contractions. They are also feeling stronger and different. So later that evening... around 8ish, I decide we need to call the doctor. I let IM know I placed a call in to my OB and that we needed to go get checked. We head over and it is confirmed that I am 4-8 min. apart with contractions. Doctor comes in and decided that we will go ahead with a c-section. I was 35.5 weeks. Within an hour, I am stabbed 5 times for an IV and trucking it off to the OR for the epi. No time for hubby to come... but I had an awesome nurse that made up for that. Kristin was wonderful!!!! So I was numb and slit open and tugged on... and at 12:02 and 12:03 they were born... so cute and adorable! Weighing 5.2 & 5.6 they had great cries. I am so glad that I was able to help bring these two precious lifes into this world. God is so good and I feel blessed to have been a part of this miracle of life!!!

Thank you all for your support!


Abby said...


So glad everything went well!

tbsomeday said...

thanks for sharing your story

you should feel so proud of yourself for giving people the best gift in the world!!

rest up and take care of yourself :)